HRL Laboratories is hiring at all levels for its quantum science programs. Come work alongside some of the leading experts in quantum information science in our beautiful Malibu, CA laboratory.

Staff Positions

HRL is seeking new professional staff with relevant education and/or experience in analyzing, engineering, and operating quantum devices. We have efforts in cryogenic Si/SiGe heterostructure quantum dots, quantum optics, and superconducting components. We are hiring for the full development cycle: design, fabrication, modeling, cryogenics, test & measure, statistical data analysis, software development, and hardware integration. Staff members are encouraged to engage with academia if they wish by e.g. attending conferences, writing journal papers, and participating in research consortia. Positions include a full suite of benefits.

Internship Positions

HRL hosts an internship program that is designed to provide students with valuable hands-on technical experience working alongside some of the world's leading experts. Recent internship projects have included simulating device physics and quantum state evolution, software automation for semiconducting quantum devices, conducting cryogenic measurements of silicon spin qubit devices, and developing free-space, fiber, and chip-scale quantum optics experiments. Internships are paid, highly technical assignments with year-round availability. Temporary housing and travel/relocation benefits are provided.

For a full-list of openings, including those which support quantum technology through microfabrication, microelectronics, and other efforts, see our complete list of openings.

Quantum science positions include:

Permanent Staff

Internship Positions